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7 Types of Microcurrent Conductive Gels that Give You Even Better Results

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7 Types of Microcurrent Conductive Gels that Give You Even Better Results

Yes, you will almost certainly need to use some kind of conductive, water-based liquid, gel, serum, sheet mask or bio-cellulose mask in order to conduct the electrical microcurrents into your skin. And this is an opportunity to boost your overall results.

But let’s back up a bit to address the basics.

Some people use smart or mineral water. This works fine, but it must have enough electrolytes, or mineral content in it for the electrical current to be conducted into your skin. NOTE: Distilled water will not work.

Since a conductive gel is needed to ‘conduct’ the electrical current into your skin, you can massively boost your facial lifting up a notch by getting sophisticated with your conduction medium.

Use any of these powerful conduction mediums and leave them on after you’re finished:

By using a specialty gel mask, water-based mask or active serum when you are using your microcurrent lifting, you effectively double, even triple the effectiveness of your product while adding energy to your skin and firming your face. Win-Win!

About Genna Pinnick

Genna holds a degree in Biology and an accomplished Concierge Esthetician currently serving Silicon Valley's high-power female entrepreneurs. In 1990, she earned the Premiere European Esthetics Certification of CIDESCO Diplomat in International Esthetics.

Since 1990, she founded and managed her own skincare clinic, growing it through referrals, newspaper, TV and Radio appearances, and as a guest writer in the local Health & Beauty section of the newspaper.

As an early member of the NCA's Esthetics America Education & Trends Team, she offered professional development at the national, state and local level, immersing herself in advanced training from such industry greats as Erica Miller, Robert Lees, and Rebecca James Gadberry.

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