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Skincare Routines

  • SPF: Are You Really Protecting Yourself From the Sun?

    image of Genna Pinnick
    When You Use a Product with SPF is this Really Enough?  The answer is: Sort of, but not completely. You trust you're protecting your skin when you ...
  • Does Your Sunblock Contain Benzene?

    image of Genna Pinnick
    What is Benzene and Why You Should Care Benzene is a colorless liquid with a sweet odor that evaporates quickly, leaving no residue. It is found ...
  • Does Chemotherapy Age your Face?

    image of Genna Pinnick
    Short Answer: Yes, And Here's What You Can About It The premise behind chemotherapy treatment is that the chemotherapy drugs kill ALL the cells, he...
  • What are Antioxidants?  Are They Good for Your Skin?

    image of Genna Pinnick
    What Exactly Am I Buying Into When I Buy Products With Antioxidants?  Have you ever seen metal rust and weaken when left outside? Well, then you'v...
  • How Can I Take Care of My Skin During Chemo?

    image of Genna Pinnick
    Skin changes are common with chemotherapy. While some skin issues can be prevented, there is no way to reverse the effects of cancer treatment on y...
  • The Anti-Aging Benefits of Stem Cells For Skin Care

    image of Genna Pinnick
    How Stem Cells in Skin Care Can Be Your Skin's Rescue and Resurrection Stem Cells are used for many health issues in the body, in joints, other reg...
  • Why Do My Skin Care Products Sting?

    image of Genna Pinnick
    Your Burning Questions About Why Your Skincare Products Sting You might have noticed that some or all of your skincare products sting when applied....
  • How Can I Remove Dark Circles Permanently Under my Eyes?

    image of Genna Pinnick
    Want Brighter, Younger-Looking Eyes? How To Get Rid of Dark Under-Eye Circles Dark circles under your eyes are annoying, even exasperating! Conceal...
  • How Long Does it Take To Get My Skin Back to Normal After Chemo?

    image of Genna Pinnick
    Why is My Skin Still So Red and Irritated Even After Stopping Chemo? Going through chemo is a huge event for your skin. Lots of changes, possibly n...
  • Top Benefits Of Using Goat Milk Products On Your Skin - Natural Beauty At Your Fingertips

    image of Genna Pinnick
    If you have sensitive or acne-prone skin, switching to goat’s milk might just be your saving grace 1. Goat's Milk is Highly Nutritious Antioxida...
  • Shady Choices - Which Type of Sunscreen is Best For Your Skin?

    image of Genna Pinnick
    Turns out, which type of sunscreen is best for your skin depends on several factors and we definitely need to use it more often than we may realize...
  • How to Power Up Your Skincare Routine with Korean Products

    image of Genna Pinnick
    CaviPLLA = Caviar + PLLA + O2 This WOWPower Product is Your Skin Game Changer! Up Your Skincare Game with this ingenious Korean invention! Add this...

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