About Us

Our Mission

Luxury Skincare + Effective Devices = Stunning Beauty at Any Age!

Revival Cleanse is for all of us who know we can get better skin tone and superior results from our devices through elevated products and knowledge.

A Licensed Esthetician since 1986, with a degree in BioSciences, I've blended the Esthetician's Art with Biology for over 30 years.

Reviving my own beauty - after a long, debilitating injury - Revival Cleanse was founded for all of us.

Renewing and Reviving Who We’re always been, Stunning, Confident People.

Our mission is delivering to you boundless skin health and vibrant beauty which continues to boost your confidence, reflect your true self, because your secret is using the foremost quality of leading-edge skin care products for your assurance and grace at any age. We curate a collection of cutting edge and top performing skin care products from around the skin care world so you know your investment will be profoundly effective.

About Me

I'm a Biologist and an Esthetician, holding my license in Esthetician since 1986. In 1990, I earned the Premiere European Esthetics Certification of CIDESCO Diplomat in International Esthetics.

Growing up in Napa Valley in the 1970s I was that kid who used old cosmetic chemistry books to make skin care in the kitchen on an improvised stove top chem lab.

My early years were working in Calistoga and Berkeley, focusing on Ethnic Skincare and acne.

Starting in 1990, I founded and managed my own skincare clinic, growing it through referrals, newspaper, TV and Radio appearances, and as a guest writer in the local Health & Beauty section of the newspaper. Selling it in 2000, I went to school and pursued bioscience research even as I kept my hand in the esthetics field.

As an early member of the NCA's Esthetics America Education & Trends Team, I offered professional development at the national, state and local level, immersing myself in advanced training from such industry greats as Erica Miller, Robert Lees, and Rebecca James Gadberry.

- Genovefa Pinnick, Head Esthetician