The 9 Types of People Who Benefit from Microcurrent Facials

The 9 Types of People Who Benefit from Microcurrent Facials

Virtually anyone who is in good health, young or mature, will benefit from Microcurrent facials. Microcurrent facials, with your esthetician or using your home device, are exceedingly safe, non-invasive, anti-aging facial treatments that result in your skin being firmer, more contoured and deeply hydrated. In fact, microcurrent is safe to use on all skin-types.

Not only is microcurrent is essential!

Microcurrent stimulates 500% higher production of ATP in your cells. ATP, or Adenosine Triphosphate, is the chemical powerhouse that provides energy for key functions in your body, including protein synthesis which aids in collagen and elastin production. And energy is what your skin, connective tissue and muscles need to repair, strengthen, tighten and firm.

Of course, microcurrent facials can be enjoyed as one-time facials. For more profound improvements, invest into an uninterrupted series for long-term, comprehensive results.

Adding a personal home device to maintain professional microcurrent sessions will continue to retrain your more youthful facial contours and will have a profoundly magical effect on your appearance and confidence.

Because your brain, nerves and muscles are constantly talking to each other, when you consistently use your microcurrent device to build up your face's firmer tone and younger appearance, your brain literally ‘samples’ this new average. As you keep pushing your “average” higher and higher, over time you work less and keep your higher, firmer, more youthful average facial appearance.

You see, your brain and nerves work to maintain this new average setting, which becomes a benchmark you can build up with continued regular use of your microcurrent device. And...this benchmark average provides you with wiggle room for the days off in between microcurrent sessions.

Because the best microcurrent devices build up your facial muscles by randomly targeting the different tissue levels of your skin and underlying facial muscle, they improve your skin quality, facial muscle tone and face shape with committed continuous use. Layer-upon-layer, you’ll keep seeing continuously improving results over time.

Commitment is essential.

People who benefit from microcurrent are:

  • In fair to good Health
  • Mature persons wanting to look younger, firmer and more vibrant
  • Young people who are seeking a boost to their skin texture, hydration and glow
  • People who’ve researched how best to lift and shape their facial muscles
  • Recovering from skin trauma such as post-acne or long-covid skin changes
  • Keep themselves hydrated
  • Have a healthy diet which includes vitamins, minerals and trace elements
  • Consistently get regular, regenerative sleep
  • Are committed in their use of microcurrent facials, in the studio or at home

Microcurrent is your perpetual anti-aging secret and a significant cellular boost to your anti-aging strategy.

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