3 Pro Secrets for Getting Superior Results from Micro Needling and Derma Rolling - Part 2

3 Pro Secrets for Getting Superior Results from Micro Needling and Derma Rolling - Part 2

During and Immediately After Your Micro Needling or Derma Rolling Treatment

Note: Be sure to consult with your doctor on what's right for you. Do not substitute the content of this site for professional medical advice

You’ve prepared your skin and now you’re getting or performing your for Microneedling or Derma rolling treatment.

During the Treatment

Your skin is first numbed using a topical OTC anesthetic cream that keeps you comfortable during the procedure.

The micro-needle device or derma roller glides effortlessly over your skin with the use of a topical serum to create a glide on the skin’s surface.

Use NeoGenesis Skin Serum for the perfect amount of glide while infusing the patented S²RM® technology for faster healing with less inflammation and an immediate calming response.

The micro-channels created during the micro needling or derma rolling procedure are a pathway for the delivery of optimal ingredients into the skin while keeping the barrier intact. This is what makes microneedling preferable to many of the ablative treatments available which destroy the top layer of the skin. The channels close up very quickly so there is minimal risk of infection or hyperpigmentation (brown spots).

Immediately After MicroNeedling or Derma Rolling

Use a Red LED in wavelengths of 630-660 nm which is part of the bioactive peak over the entire area where you have received Micro needling or Derma Rolling.

Joovv Red Light Therapy is the premiere LED Red Light Therapy for tabletop, travel, home and gym. With one of the world-authorities for over 30 years, Dr. Michael Hamblin Immediately after you’re finished, leap into action to capture your body’s cascade of healing responses as they’re rushing to do their job. USe this once a day for five (5) days running. At a distance of 6’ from your skin, use the Joovv Red LED for 10 minutes.

After this, consider using this 2-3x per week as part of your ongoing skin care regimen.

FYI: Red LED, it’s powerful and so very useful for sooo many aspects of your beauty, health, and vitality. Use it over sore hands, back and joints.

After the Red LED Light

This is the OPTIMAL point to harness the cascading internal responses happening right that moment within your skin. As your skin detects those microporation wounds, it immediately activates a cascade of top-level healing responses that are the prime source of HOW you’ll get phenomenal results.

Use NeoGenesis Body Cream twice 2x daily for the next three days. This 5% S2RM® – infused body cream is a luxurious, deeply hydrating, anti-aging formula created for the body. The Body Cream helps to repair and restore the skin barrier as the S2RM® molecules penetrate the skin’s surface to heal damage in the deeper layers of the skin. The Body Cream has a light feel that absorbs immediately and can even be used on your face and neck.

Keep Doing Your Supportive Practices


Keep Getting Consistent, Restorative sleep.  Making sleep an active step in your skincare routine is the smartest thing you will ever do...and throughout your skin care journey.

Restorative sleep happens during the circadian cycle of your sleep, between 11 pm and 4 am, triggering your body to undo the damage of the day. From approximately 11 pm to 4 am nightly, your brain and body trigger a series of biochemical processes that clean up, heal, repair, and restore to working order whatever was damaged the previous day. It can’t completely undo everything. This is part of the reason we age.


Keep Optimizing Your Nutritional Support During and After for Fast Recovery
From the first few moments after your treatment is performed and continuing for several weeks out, keep your nutritional support in place in order to heal and get superior results.

Again, I can’t give you nutritional supplement recommendations, only your nutritionist or doctor can. However, I can share with you what medical research has revealed and what I use.

From the Cleveland Clinic, the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing, and numerous NIH articles on PubMed, this outlined list of nutritional support is recognized as essential for optimal healing and health of skin-depth injuries.

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