The Anti-Aging Benefits of Stem Cells For Skin Care

The Anti-Aging Benefits of Stem Cells For Skin Care

How Stem Cells in Skin Care Can Be Your Skin's Rescue and Resurrection

Stem Cells are used for many health issues in the body, in joints, other regenerative applications, even for hair regrowth treatments. The use of Stem Cells is quite popular among celebrities and are an effective way to treat various illnesses and conditions, such as Instisical Cystitis for example.

But what about its effects on your skin? 

The National Institute of Health (NIH) states that stem cells and ongoing stem cell research holds great promise with thousands of research published papers on these results are continuously adding to the vast amount of knowledge, uses and expected results this research is already demonstrating. The miracle-like regenerative results stem cells offer.

Dr. Christopher Calabrai, DO, states stem cells can be used in greatly improving your skin. Results of stem cell treatments have been proven effective in reversing some signs of aging as well as improving the appearance of older, damaged skin, resulting in younger looking, younger functioning skin while decreasing acne scars and other facial blemishes that appear due to prolonged sun exposure or even trauma like cuts or burns.

There is evidence showing that human mesenchymal stems cells (MSCs) have a positive effect on wound healing thus making them ideal for use by dermatologists for helping promote healthier looking skin with minimal scarring after severe injuries, surgeries or radiation therapy. Recent studies show that MSCs activation promotes new blood vessel formation while at the same time reducing inflammation which helps stimulate collagen production resulting in healings wounds faster than usual without leaving any marks behind. 

Examples of this would be stretch marks left by pregnancy, surgical scars, etc.. Aside from using MSCs for medical purposes they can also be applied topically through serums to help improve your overall complexion plus reverse early signs of aging caused by sun damage , stress , poor diet, and etc.

Is It Really Stem Cells Applied On My Skin? 

Much of the stem cell’s power resides in the release of a multitude of molecules, called Stem cell Released Molecules (SRM) sometimes referred to as signaling molecules. It's their potent molecular instructions that gives these SRM's their magic.

Each stem cell, if allowed to mature and grow up, produces these chemical instructions for a whole chain reaction of healing and regeneration. Many stem cells, such as plant stem cells, are not allowed to mature before being put to use and therefore, the real work horses, the Stem cell Released Molecules (SRMs) are hardly present or not at all. The opportunity to really repair tissues is simply not there.

More is Better!

A single type of stem cell can't release all the types of signalling molecules needed to renew and fully heal biological tissues. Therefore, having two slightly different yet complementary stem cells, and their complementary and expanded regenerative signally molecular instructions, set in motion a wider range of regenerative responses for a fantastically broader regenerative effects within a system, such as the system of your skin.

This fundamentally new type of therapeutic, namely “Systems Therapeutic,” can be realized by reverse engineering the mechanisms of the SRM processes.

Recent data demonstrates that the composition of the SRM is different for each type of stem cell, as well as for different states of each cell type. Although systems biology has been successfully used to analyze multiple pathways, the approach is often used to develop a small molecule interacting at only one pathway in the system.

A new model is emerging in biology where systems biology is used to develop a new technology acting at multiple pathways called “systems therapeutics.” A natural set of healing pathways in the human that uses SRM is instructive and of practical use in developing systems therapeutics.

Internal SRM processes in the human body use a combination of SRM from two or more stem cell types, designated as S2RM, made up of two or more stem cell types, S2RM technology, to develop a new class of therapeutics called “systems therapeutics.”

Two or More Types of Stem Cell Released Molecules  Induce Healing

Cell replacement and regeneration occur in two basic forms:

1. Renewal of spent cells during tissue homeostasis (maintaining normal cell growth).

2. Responding to external injury, wounding, or free radical or oxidative damage.

A healing process will require many actions engaging through a well-orchestrated set of mechanisms and molecules in the damaged tissue, such as the tissue of your skin.

The result of this process depends on many factors, including the developmental age of the organism. Younger cells have more robust, correct responses towards healing, so starting sooner to repair and restore damage is highly recommended instead of waiting for massive damage and an aged appearance to act. Go ahead and put SRM to work employing your skin's internal strengths. 

This is NeoGenesis' breakthrough application of two types of stem cell signalling molecules for skin care.  NeoGenesis has built its reputation in the medical field with their amazing therapeutic applications, which they've remastered for anti-aging and restorative skin care. 

When to Use Stem Cell Released Molecules?

Wound healing begins at the moment of injury and involves both usual tissue cells being healed and those cells which travel throughout your body looking for healing opportunities.

Using topical SRM daily gives you tremendous results and amplifies the benefit you get from all of you other products, as well.

Daily healing of the damage from your day is boosted by daily use.

Your esthetician may have even recommended you to use some stem cell product after you've had peeling, micro-needling, even after extractions. 

But why? 

The underlying triggers to start a healing response involve:

1. The injury itself kicks in the healing process. 

2. Responses inside and outside of the cell stimulate the rapid increase of new cells, which in turn stimulate healing responses targeting the area of injury, with the baby cells growing up and becoming the many different types of cells needed to replace those that were injured. 

3. Stimulating of cellular regrowth, strengthening this new tissue with new collagen, and new capillaries to feed this new tissue. 

4. The wound finally closes up while continuing a deeper healing over four months time.

5. Remodeling which is the process of restoring your cells, such as your skin cells, after an injury.

Whew! It's a lot. 

All of these internal actions are started at the time of your injury and proceed continuously throughout the repair process. 

The Concept of a Systems Therapeutic

Skin aging and skin damage is not a simple consequence of one unfortunate event or even one bad habit causing a single problem. Rather, skin aging and skin damage reflects the many upsets of the multitude of moving parts of this complex system inside your cells acted on by many complex cellular functions, inside the cell, inside your body and from the surrounding environment you live in. Having multiple areas of action to combat and correct these many daily attacks on your skin from within is the whole point of using more than one set of SRMs.

Introducing NeoGenesis Recovery Serum

NeoGenesis Recovery Serum is a must-have for anyone who suffers from chronic skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea or acne. It can also be used on the face and body to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Neogenesis Recovery contains S²RM® technology which is a proprietary blend of natural and organic ingredients that work together to heal the skin. The S²RM® technology is designed to:

  • Reduce inflammation.
  • Speed up healing time by reducing redness, swelling and pain associated with chronic conditions such as eczema, psoriasis or rosacea.
  • Improve skin tone and texture and appearance.

It's Oncology Approved! 

In addition, it's an anti-aging serum that will improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and sun damage. It can also be used on the face and body to reduce inflammation associated with acne breakouts.

The difference is in NeoGenesis' choice of two (2) different adult stem cells in their later stages of growth because it is here, at the final countdown, that these cells release molecules that will have a major positive impact to your skin.

70% S²RM® – NeoGenesis Recovery Serum, is one of the most advanced products we sell. With a 70% concentration of Signalling Molecules, is a breakthrough serum that improves anti-aging results, and speeds the healing process while reducing inflammation. Cell-to-Cell Communication among your cells that is signaled throughout your skin as it heals, repairs while it heals and reverses damage daily.

Use Recovery Serum directly after:

  • Derma Rolling
  • Microneedling
  • Peeling
  • Deep Pore Cleaning (extractions)
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Freshly cleansing your skin

And as part of your daily defence and renewal.

Recovery is abundant in patented S²RM® technology, containing multiple adult signaling cell released molecules, including potent antioxidants, peptides, and many other anti-aging molecules. This serum acts as a power boost to naturally return the skin to a healthy and radiant state. It is safe for daily use and corrects even the most damaged skin.

Recovery speeds the healing process and reduces post treatment inflammation and irritation with any anti-aging procedure including chemical peels, laser resurfacing, micro-needling, Ultherapy, Radio Frequency and more.

For chronic and traumatized skin conditions, Recovery delivers molecules and other nutrients that are naturally abundant in healthy skin. Recovery is safe and effective for treating radiation and chemo burns, as well as reducing scarring from surgery

Benefits You Will Get From NeoGenesis Products

  • Enhances the results of every facial/modality in the treatment room
  • Assists in reducing pain and irritation post procedure
  • Speeds healing to resume normal activities more quickly
  • Improves the appearance of aging skin, sensitive skin, and acneic skin
  • Improves tone and texture
  • Reduces the appearance of pore size
  • Helps heal difficult conditions such as eczema and acne
  • Assists in “scarless” healing
  • Supports and enhances collagen production
  • Oncology approved

Check out NeoGenesis for its anti-aging benefits now!

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