3 Pro Secrets for Getting Superior Results from Micro Needling and Derma Rolling

3 Pro Secrets for Getting Superior Results from Micro Needling and Derma Rolling

Whether you’re a YouTube derma rolling aficionado, or boosting your in clinic results by adding new devices or therapies to bump up your clinical results, leverage these ultra-insider skin pro tricks to achieve superior results. The trick is getting your skin in top, uber responsive condition for a superior look.

This is how top plastic surgeons prepare their patients for their best-in-show results and and deliver your leading edge results.

Whether you’re seeing your MedSpa for Micro Needling, sometimes called Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT), or the home version called Derma Rolling, this treatment is an effective, semi-invasive procedure that improves the appearance of your skin by reducing the appearance of wrinkles, acne scars, loss of firmness, brown spots and stretch marks by stimulating the skin’s natural ability to repair itself.

Secret Tip 1: Preparation

Ramp Up Your Skin’s Responsiveness in Order to Trigger Bigger Results

Start boosting your skin’s optimal healing response, and results, at least four (4) weeks before you get ANY micro needling or derma rolling. Micro Needling and Derma Rolling both trigger your skin to release growth factors and cytokines, producing more collagen and elastin to harness a healing response, resulting in younger looking skin. Your skin’s ability to respond well to these treatments is what you’re setting-in-motion with preparation.

ADD in advanced healing serums, masks, true microcurrent home devices, and adjust your nutrition to support the rebound healing from the treatments.

And the effectiveness of these skin treatments becomes even more visible after your first three, monthly-scheduled treatments. There’s something about that third and consecutive month-spaced treatments that really triggers your skin’s fibroblasts to respond.

This makes the case for monthly self-derma rolling treatments, too. Once you undertake this regimen, keep up your optimal prep so all future treatments will continue to deliver maximum improvement, kind of like creating the continuous optimal conditions, month-after-month.

FYI: Plastic Surgeons and Esthetic Dermatologists use this exact preparation to make their work look even better.

Use this protocol Four (4) Weeks Prior to your first treatment:

Cleanse Your Skin Twice at Night Adding in a 5-Minute Facial Massage

After using makeup remover, cleanse twice at night, first time to remove dirt and any remaining makeup, and a 2nd time for a 5 minute facial massage. Use Expürtise Effective Anti-Aging Ultra Purifying Cleanser. This gentle stimulation of your facial muscles and the underlying tissues and blood supply, bring up a gentle upwelling of circulation to nourish your skin, remove waste products and tone your muscle.

Of course, cleanse your skin in the morning, too. This not only removes any debris from the night, it also prepares your skin for a fresh opportunity to soak in your serums, toners, lotions and moisturizers for optimal day protection. Your makeup will look fantastic on top of this, too.

Morning & Night

Use NeoGenesis Recovery Serum with 70% S²RM® – NeoGenesis Recovery Serum is one of two of our most advanced products and is a breakthrough serum that improves anti-aging results, speeds the healing process, reduces inflammation and acts as the catalyst for your skin’s healing response.

Neogenesis’s S²RM® Technology mimics our body’s natural repair processes and zeros in on the identification, selection, culture, and stimulation of the appropriate adult human somatic cells to become the renewed, healthier, more beautiful skin.

This advanced serum is the foundational to everything you do to support your skin.

During the Day on Clean Skin

Use Skin Recovery Science C2S Skin Balancing Serum daily to promote collagen formation, firmer skin, and a strong healing response while you enhance your sun protection with Vitamin C. Vitamin C is essential for healing, triggering your skin to produce its own collagen and elastin, and adds a layer of sun protection when you use it under your sunscreen.

Daily Sun Protection

If you haven’t adopted this crucial habit as a DAILY religion of good skin, let me be the one to reinforce this crucial step. Your daily accumulation of good habits accumulates over the months and years of your life.

If your skin is oily or acne prone, use ClearChoice Sport Shield SPF 45 or for dry, mature or sensitive skins, use TIZO Ultra Zinc Body and Face Non-Tinted Mineral Sunscreen, SPF 40. This broad spectrum sunscreen is a moisturizing, mineral-based sunscreen suitable for all skin types and tones. Water resistant to 40 minutes in the water, it’s sheer and virtually invisible on even the darkest skin tones. Sensitive skins? It smoothes onto your skin, leaving a soft, elegant finish. And with a broad spectrum, 20% Zinc Oxide formula, this sunscreen is soothing and calming on all skins.

At Night on Top of Your Other Serum or Alone

Use Photozyme GFS Night Serum and get a dynamo of regeneration and responsiveness with this true age reversal serum designed to seriously reverse the signs of aging with the most advanced retinoid (GDR), lipid soluble growth factor (LPA) and peptide complex. This product also stimulates the skin’s daily repair via DNA repair enzymes.

That’s right! You can undo DNA damage to your skin while you are also working to turn back the clock with micro needling and derma rolling. This hitting-it-from-both-ends strategy combines forces for exponential improvement towards a Best-In-Show skin response.

Photozyme GFS Night Serum contains the most active retinoid on the market that allows superior performance with little to no irritation, making it available for all skin types. The GFS is a powerful product that is also packed with vitamin C derivatives (Ascorbyl esters, SAP) which are beneficial against aggressive oxidizing agents and free radicals in the skin, protecting your skin and boosting collagen and elastin production. This advanced formula boosts the epidermal layer of the skin by promoting cell production, making the skin look rejuvenated and even-toned, while undoing DNA damage to your skin.

Get Consistent Restorative Sleep

Making sleep an active step in your skincare routine is the smartest thing you will ever do.

Restorative sleep happens during the circadian cycle of your sleep, between 11 pm and 4 am, triggering your body to undo the damage of the day. From approximately 11 pm to 4 am nightly, your brain and body trigger a series of biochemical processes that clean up, heal , repair and restore to working order whatever was damaged the previous day. It can’t completely undo everything. This is part of the reason we age.

Optimize Your Nutritional Support for Fast Recovery

As your skin detects those microporation wounds, it immediately activates all those top-level healing responses that are the prime source of HOW you’ll get phenomenal results. The stages of healing, from the first few moments after to several weeks out, depend upon your nutritional support to heal and heal well.

While I can’t give you nutritional supplement recommendations, only your nutritionist or doctor can, I can share with you what medical research has revealed and what I use.  I highly recommend this medically-based protocol developed for wound healing.

From the Cleveland Clinic, the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing, and numerous NIH articles on PubMed, this outlined list of nutritional support is recognized as essential for optimal healing and health of skin-depth injuries. Serious medical terminology, yeah. Because these medical institutions recognize how critical nutrition is to wound healing, particualrly of the skin level.

Incorporate Home Beauty Devices for Your Skin’s Utopian Healing Response 

Use the ClareBlend Mini Microcurrent and/or Time Master Pro (LED / Mesoporation) Ultrasound regularly to stimulate fibroblast production. This further jump-starts your progress.

Use a Red LED which has the bioactive wavelength of 630 nm - Joovv Red Light Therapy is the premiere LED Red Light Therapy for tabletop, travel, home and gym. With one of the world-authorities for over 30 years, Dr. Michael Hamblin Preferably Over the entire area you have Micro needling or Derma Rolling.

Being ahead of the curve in preparing for your Micro Needling or Derma Rolling treatments will not only improve your skin running up to these appointments, you are setting in motion a perceptually optimized healing environment for your skin, your hair, your body and joints.

Stay tuned for Part 2!

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