How to Power Up Your Skincare Routine with Korean Products

How to Power Up Your Skincare Routine with Korean Products

CaviPLLA = Caviar + PLLA + O2

This WOWPower Product is

Your Skin Game Changer!

Up Your Skincare Game with this ingenious Korean invention! Add this K-beauty power product to your beauty regimen and combat aging with leading edge technology in a bottle

Caviplla Caviar + O2 Multi Serum contains both Caviar Extract and Poly-L-Lactic to promote overall healthy skin while slowing the signs of aging leaving your skin deeply oxygenated, nourished and with a younger appearance you’ll love!

Used by Royalty the world over, Caviar is a source of vitamins, minerals, Omega 3 and 6, and amino acids that provide the building blocks for optimally functioning skin cells and vital radiance. This Caviplla Caviar + O2 Multi Serum and moisturizer can provide your skin with a more firm, lifted appearance, while also while minimizing pores and smoothing the texture of the skin

And...PLLA, aka Poly-L-Lactic Acid, stimulates the production of collagen in your skin, which can reduce fine lines and wrinkles while filling in hollow and sunken areas of your face, neck, chest and back of your hands.

This potent serum is formulated with a Cutting-Edge Oxygen Delivery System...and it's this oxygenation that causes the serum to bubble up on the skin, leading to deeper product penetration...including serums you’ve put on underneath. Win-Win-Win!

As we age, skin begins to lose vital ingredients such as collagen and elastin and becomes dull and blotchy. This loss will cause skin to thin, sag and lose texture. NOW you can take action to restore your skin's health!

Caviplla Caviar + O2 Multi Serum is multi-serum fights the signs of aging by:

Providing building blocks for your skin cells to function optimally

Firms and lifts with continued use (your skin keeps getting healthier)

Minimizes pores often seen on your nose, between your brows...even on your chin

Retexturize your skin, restoring firmness. And...Continuous Use Accumulates, improving your gains

Has even more PLLA than Sculplla Mist, stimulating your skin to produce NEW collagen (with ongoing use continues to increase)

PLLA (bio-simulator) reduces wrinkles and plumps the hollow or sunken areas of the face

See My Instructions Lower Down the Page on How to Use Caviplla Multi Serum

You'll LOVE the dewey feel and deep hydration as your skin soaks in the nourishing benefits this genius product

Caviar Extract: ("CEL") is a patented (patent #1-1437997) pure caviar extract "CEL", that deeply penetrates the skin and helps increase firmness and elasticity

Oxygen Carrier: The oxygen component promotes intracellular metabolism of skin. It creates an environment for the active ingredients to absorb deeper into the skin. NO hydrogen peroxide is in this formula

PLLA: (Poly L-Lactic Acid): A bio-simulator dermal filler stimulates skin to produce NEW collagen

Tripeptide-1: (Peptides) and the amino acids that comprise it, teaches skin to rebuild damaged areas

Hyaluronic Acid (Sodium hyaluronate): Not just any hyaluronic acid (the right molecular weight of hyaluronic acid) gives skin volume by holding onto water to restore fullness

Niacinamide: Also called vitamin B3 and nicotinic acid, niacinamide is a very effective skin-restoring ingredient that offers multiple benefits for aging skin. Among these benefits is the ability to visibly improve the appearance of enlarged pores, uneven skin tone, fine lines, dullness, and a weakened skin surface

Nelumbo Nucifera Seed Extract: lotus leaf extracts to purify, tighten pores, and refine the skin texture

Add Caviplla Caviar + O2 Multi Serum to your power products and See the results Korean Skin Care is Known for.

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