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7e Wellness Myolift QT™ Plus Facial Toning Device

7e Wellness Myolift QT™ Plus Facial Toning Device

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What's in it for me?

  • Firm and tone face muscles - For youthful beautiful skin
  • Lift eyebrows and hooded eyelids - No more baggy and tired eyelids
  • Sculpt jawline and cheekbones - Achieve the perfect jawline you always wanted
  • Brighten skin - To look young and vibrant
  • Improve skin texture
  • FDA cleared technology

The Myolift QT Plus is your new portable, non-invasive facelift. No needles. No knife. Just up to 400 microamps of microcurrent intensity in the comfort of your home or purse on the go. Our microcurrent device uses patented Smart Current technology for customized, professional-grade treatments with long-lasting results.

Express yourself without hesitation

Our facial muscles have the distinct responsibility of creating facial expressions. Consistent micro­current facial treatments assist in tightening the muscles and skin while allowing you to continue expressing yourself without hesitation!

Microcurrent technology made smarter

Myolift QT™ is your new favorite advanced skincare solution that you can use from the comfort of your home! This handheld device from 7E Wellness uses Smart Current™ technology, allowing for customized, professional-grade treatments with long-lasting results. It's the perfect combination of scientific skin care and non-invasive technology. This patented technology encompasses decades of research and experience that delivers microcurrent energy with precision.

Myolift™ devices use FDA-cleared technology for facial rejuvenation.

What's inside the box?

  • 7e Wellness Myolift QT™ Plus facial toning device
  • USB-C Charging Wire
  • Lead wire
  • 2 oz restore conductive gel
  • conductive forehead mask
  • conductive lip mask
  • conductive eye mask
  • Smart app included

Myolift QT™ Plus smart app

The Myolift QT Plus app guides you with an easy-to-follow 6-step video and pre-set facial treatments.  It comes with 3 pre-set protocols:

  • Face lift: 15-minute treatment with dual-tip probes
  • Eye lift: 10-minute hands-free treatment with our conductive eye mask
  • Lip lift: 10-minute hands-free treatment with our conductive lip mask

Myolift QT™ is designed with Smart Current Dynamics. Myolift QT™ is the next level of elevated modern microcurrent technology with mobile app functionality! QT takes the guesswork out of complicated microcurrent devices by providing pre-set facial treatments conveniently stored in the Myolift QT™ app on your smartphone.

Indulge in quick facial lifting, toning, and wrinkle reduction treatments that keep up with your fast-paced life.

With the Mylift QT™ smartphone app, you can connect your device and select your treatment area and accessories. Follow step-by-step movements and protocols for your favorite Myolift™ accessories. Make the most of your
at-home microcurrent facial therapy treatments.

Microcurrent treatments from home have never been easier to use or more effective! 


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