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Bio-Therapeutic bt-shield

Bio-Therapeutic bt-shield

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Clear, Anti-Fog Face Shield

The bt-shield is a reusable, sanitizable, protective face guard equipped with Silver Ion infused blue silicone touch points for it’s antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. The easy to install, replaceable shields are made of high quality anti-fog / anti-scratch, distortion free, clear APET plastic and provides perfect clarity for the professional. The lightweight and durable clear ABS frame folds flat and features a strategically extended nose bridge allowing for prescription glasses to be worn with the bt-shield.

Features and Specifications

  • Weight: 1.15oz (frame: .63oz, shield: .52oz)
  • Frame: ABS
  • Shield: APET Anti-fog, Anti Scratch, Invisible Clear Plastic
  • Touchpoints: Silver Ion Infused Blue Silicone with antibiotic and antimicrobial properties

What’s Inside

bt-shield frame with replaceable shield

Care Instructions

  • Wipe with Opti-Cide 3 wipes
  • Wait 2 minutes
  • Wipe with glass cleaner sprayed onto a clean paper towel

Recommended for use only by the general public. Not for use in a medical, surgical, or clinical setting. Do not use in any setting that liquid, bodily, or other hazardous fluids are present, in a clinical setting where the risk of infection through inhalation exposure is high, nor in the presence of a high-intensity heat source or flammable gas. This product has not been FDA cleared or approved. *Some components infused with Silver Ion.

The bt-shield is not intended in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions, or in the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease. Models and items shown are not available in all countries. Items may vary without notice and are not available in all countries. Please contact Bio-Therapeutic for updated information.

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