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Dr. Esthé Goat Milk Peel Treatment - 4 Week System

Dr. Esthé Goat Milk Peel Treatment - 4 Week System

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Sensitive, Acne, Pigmented, Mature, and Bearded Skins All Benefit

Try it for a Week. Try it for a Month!

"Voted one of Singles Tester's Top pick for 2019."

Get uminous moist skin with this amazingly gentle and hydrating peel. This is your major step towards you to enjoy the look of 'Glass Skin'.

Each weekly sachet includes a well of Goat Milk Peel and a Goat Milk Ampule for applying afterward. Use it all at once as part of your home care-intensive program or use the Goat Milk ampule a little each day for almost continuous use until your next peel for a perpetual nourishing of your soft and smooth skin.

Virtually all skin types benefit.

Try this for skins which are:

  • Sensitive 
  • Acne-Prone
  • Maturing 
  • Pigmented 

Try Dr. Esthé Goat Milk Peel is part of our Bright and Clear Dark Spots Solution System, Acne - Clear Skin Solution and in a star member our Natural Products Collection. 

What makes this peel so special?  It's the Goat Milk. 

Goat Milk (which has a moisturizing effect) + AHA, BHA, PHA (all 3 have a peeling effect) make this a uniquely effective and tremendously gentle peeling system.

This amazing peel has 3 Exfoliants: AHA (Softens dead skin) +BHA (Exfoliates oily skin) +PHA (Exfoliates + Moisturizes) Golden Ratio of AHA, BHA, PHA, and Goat milk provides the best peeling effect while using the safest formula. 

    Brighter and clear skin without causing irritation with ingredients of Centella Extract + Glutathione, Aloe, Goat Milk! These ingredients help to brighten the complexion and moisturize sensitive skin while quickly soothing the skin.

      No harsh ingredients! No benzyl alcohol, Dientan Olamine, PEG or Mineral Oil.

      How to Use: 

      Step 1

      After washing your face, open a single well of the Dr. Esthé Goat Milk Peel.  It's best to apply with this with Silicon Brush which was developed especially for this Goat Milk Peel Program.

      Step 2

      Apply to your forehead and then to your T - Zone and lastly to your cheeks. This sequence does matter. DO NOT apply to your eyes and lips.

      Step 3

      Wait for 1 - 3 minutes or until it gets a little tingly. No longer!
      NOTE: The thickest skins can leave this on for up to 5 minutes to feel the tingle. 

      Step 4

      Rinse off your face with lukewarm water.

      Step 5

      After clearing your face, please apply the Goat Milk Peel ampoule. Use it all at once for an intense, hydrating boost that will blow your mind!  Or apply enough for good coverage and reserve the rest for several daily applications until it is all used up. Don't skimp. Your skin will respond better with more of this nourishing ampule. 

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