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NN-Life Millbody Gua Sha Tool

NN-Life Millbody Gua Sha Tool

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Lymphatic Drainage Massage + Meridian Points = Beauty Inside and Out 

This Millbody 100% Ceramic Gua Sha Tool is scaled-to-fit the natural curves of your body as you gently use it, with oil, to thin out bunched-up fascia, drain excess fluid retention, and break up stagnant waste (such as cellulite) from beneath your skin. 

This Gua Sha tool will help you clear your lymph system and get fresh blood and nourishment into your skin,  break up compacted connective tissue, and bring fresh blood and fluid into your muscles to purge any lactic acid build-up. 

The results: Beautiful Skin, slender limbs, freed up movement, and elegant lines. 

The combed appearance on the edge can be used to stimulate the meridians, which is the path that simulates skin and your muscles' important reaction points so the blood can be cleared and the function of your internal organs can be improved.  This is why Millbody's unique Gua Sha tool is so important to help you clear the congestion, thin out bunched-up fascia and improve lymphatic drainage and renew the skin of your entire body from the inside out. 

Millbody Gua Sha Tool is for:

  • When you wish to relieve edema in your body.
  • To improve the texture of your skin and body contours naturally.
  • When you wish to experience a renewing massage all over.
  • When you want to relieve tension and built-up fatigue in your body.

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