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NN-Life Millface Gua Sha Tool

NN-Life Millface Gua Sha Tool

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MillFacial Gua Sha Tool = Beautiful, Glowing Face

This Millfacial Gua Sha tool is made of “bio-ceramics”, a kind of fine ceramics that have been discovered to capture and magnified your body's own infrared, reflecting it back as you use this Millfaical tool. Infrared energy stimulates peak biological processes. Combine with this the gentle use on your facial muscles, releasing bunched up fascia, and promoting the lymph drainage beneath will result in your glowing, healthy complexion,  

Gently, use this over a facial oil and smooth out contracted fascia, drain lymph, and smooth facial muscles. Always gently, always with oil, this Millfacila Gua Sha tool is a simple tool to quickly add in simple and effective results to your products, decongest stuck areas, bringing fresh blood into the muscles, connective tissue, and skin of your face, neck and chest. 

Used prior to seeing your doctor, using this Millface Gua Sha tool will assist in the smoothing effects of neurotoxin injections. 

Millfacial Gua Sha Tool is for:

  • People who want to improve their facial contour lines naturally.
  • When you wish to relieve edema in your face, neck, and head.
  • When you wish to experience a renewing massage on your face and head.
  • When you want to relieve tension and fatigue in your head and neck. 
  • To improve the texture of your skin and body contours naturally.

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