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Sculplla Repair Sun Cushion Hydrating Coverage - Broad Spectrum SPF 50, 12g

Sculplla Repair Sun Cushion Hydrating Coverage - Broad Spectrum SPF 50, 12g

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Sculplla H2 Cushion Sunscreen gives a natural glow throughout the day without feeling heavy or sticky on your face and will adjust to any skin color that even men can use it!

The Sculplla Repair Sun Cushion is a unique SPF with a translucent and buildable coverage that is so sheer, it provides just the right amount of undetectable protection and coverage, women and men can both wear it with confidence, while enhancing underlying serums, peptides, and actives.

*** Acne Safe ***

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How to Use:

  1. Using the patented “4 LAYER RUBYCELL PUFF”, press into the sun cushion to pick up sunscreen.
  2. Then using a stamping technique, pat onto skin evenly.
  3. For a more sheer appearance, press the puff into the cushion one time (1) and  stamp over larger areas of your face before you return to the cushion to load up the puff again. 

To increase your coverage, repeating press the puff into the cushion, using the stamping technique over areas of your face, returning frequently to load the puff up again, therefore increasing your coverage with multiple layers. 

Cover your entire face and earlobes for an even protection and enhanced hydration with a medium to light toned coverage.

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