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SKINBOLIC Lemon Oil - 30ml

SKINBOLIC Lemon Oil - 30ml

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Brightening, Hydrating and Strengthening Lemon Oil Serum Soothes Your Skin and Reduces Redness. 

Fresh-scented Lemon Oil holds a place of honor as a reliable classic skin care ingredient renown for brightening your skins while reducing redness by strengthen the capillaries and evening out oiliness. 


How To Use:

After your toner, apply Lemon Oil serum.

- For a brightening effect, massage freshly cleansed skin with lemon oil serum until it is absorbed. 

- For better hydration, add a few drops of Lemon Oil serum to your nourishing skin cream or lotion and apply.

- For a glowing skin, add a few drops of lemon oil serum to your BB cream and apply to your face. 


Lemon oil, olive oil, vitamin E

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