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SKINBOLIC Nutrivital Serum - 30ml

SKINBOLIC Nutrivital Serum - 30ml

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Healing, Soothing and Nourishing Serum for Skin Regeneration and After Treatment Care

A restorative and easily absorbed skin-regenerating serum, with Mucin and γ-PGA for sensitive skin, that leaves no residue.

SKINBOLIC's Nutrivital Serum calms and soothes your skin after microneedling, after peeling, laser, or other ablative skin treatments, this delicately effective serum aids in the healing and increase of your skin's elasticity and collagen, post treatment. 

  • For Sagging Skin in need of elasticity
  • Sensitive and Reddened Skin
  • Irritated Skin from Treatment 

How to Use:

  1. Cleanse Skin and rinse. Lightly pat dry.
  2. Apply an ample amount after toner or in place of essence. 
  3. Apply EGF Cream to blemishes or imperfections. 
  4. Follow with Dr. esthe' AC Soothing Cream, Madecassona Repair Cream, or SKINBOLIC Milk Cream.

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  • Dr. Esthe AC Toner
  • SKINBOLIC Rose Oil Serum
  • Dr. Esthe AC Soothing Cream

Ingredients: Snail Filtrate, Hyaluronic Acid, Green tea, Cornus Officinalis, Aloe, Allantoin,  Schisandra Fruit, Centella Asiatica

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