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SKINBOLIC Rose Oil Serum - 30ml

SKINBOLIC Rose Oil Serum - 30ml

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Rose Oil, one of the oldest and most celebrated beauty oils in history, is now yours.

Fresh from the rose petals, steam distillation of Rose Essential Oil is the extraction method that has been known for centuries. Rose Oil is characterized by the sweet and fragrant scent of geraniol, nerol and the strong scent of fresh citronella. 

Rose oil:
- Promotes blood circulation and strengthens blood vessel walls to make healthy skin
- Balances the skin's oil content and replenishes the elasticity
- Immediately soaked without stickiness, light and refreshing

How to Use

After applying your serums and tonics and essences, apply a few drops of Rose Oil Serum to you face, throat and decollete.  Spread evenly as you enjoy the celebrated scent of the world's oldest known beauty oil.

- Or - 

Mix a few drops in with your cream or lotion and enjoy the healing scent as this lovely oil improves your skin's elasticity, reduces, redness, and strengthens your blood vessels.

Finish with Sunscreen over the top during the day. 


Rose oil, olive oil, Vitamin E

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