9 Steps to Giving Yourself a Great Lifting Microcurrent Facial

9 Steps to Giving Yourself a Great Lifting Microcurrent Facial

NOTE: If you have facial hair DO NOT SHAVE the day of a facial or microcurrent treatment.

If your facial hair is longer than 1/16” or 5 mm, Shave 1-2 Days BEFORE so you won’t be overly sensitive and you’ll still have a good conduction down into your skin, connective tissue and facial muscles.

Shorter beards and mustaches can even be saturated with conductive gel or gel masks and conducted right through.

You'll have to work around thicker beards.

Here are the 9 steps to achieve a great lifting microcurrent facial:

  1. Gently cleanse your face and neck using a probiotic cleanser, such as Photozyme Probiotic P291 Gentle Cleanser or Dr. Esthe’ Probiotic Line Real Moisture Gel Cleanser
  2. Rinse
  3. To prepare my skin for the best conduction possible, I recommend exfoliation for most skins. Choose one of these that’s right for your skin:
    • Perform a Goat Milk Peel for thicker or more glycated skins - (Save the Dr Esthe’ Goat Mild Ampule for After.)
    • Mildly exfoliate using Dr. Esthe Enzyme Deep Clear Powder Wash for average skins or if your skin is delicate, very thin or dry, skip the exfoliation.  (The microcurrent will exfoliate enough for you.)
  4. Rinse
  5. Now apply a basic conductive medium with any one of these:  If you have facial hair that is not too long to use a gel mask, working this into your skin including beneath your mustache or beard so your microcurrent probes can conduct down past your beard into your skin. If you have an extra thick thick beard, skip this step.
  6. Now...Get to work using your microcurrent device following the instructions that were provided for giving yourself a microcurrent lifting treatment.  I use two (2) ClareBlend Mini units, working each side of my face at the same time so that I can double the work and half my time
  7. When you’ve completed the series of lifting and toning movements with your microcurrent device, DO NOT RINSE off any of the serums, gel or mask.
  8. Simply peel off any bio-cellulose mask used, leaving on the serum which has been conducted into your skin.
  9. Apply a finishing ampule or cream such as: 
  10. Finish with a Spritz of TOV Medical Aesthetics Sculplla H2+ Mist

Leave all of this goodness on your skin and get some restorative sleep.  Enjoy!


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